The Only Way Out Is In
Shop Front Theatre
20th – 23rd October, 2021
Various times
Tickets £10 full price/£8 concessions/Pay what you can options
The Only Way Out Is In is created and guided by Sharron Devine. A new human specific work that puts the human being at the heart of the experience.

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Next in our Humanistan commissions for the Shop Front Theatre, we are very excited to welcome to Coventry, artist and performer Sharron Devine.

The Only Way Out Is In is created and guided by Sharron Devine, and is a new *human specific work that puts the human being at the heart of the experience.

“In any given moment we have two options: to step forward into growth or to step back into safety”  Abraham Maslow

Who is in control? Who has the choice? And are we even awake?

*Human specific work combines the universal world with the personal world and relates to its audience as individuals and not as a mass. In these works, fertile grounds are carefully designed for extraordinary encounters, abandoning the concept of role and make believe – this meeting is a genuine and unique encounter happening in the here and now.

Please note: These performances are for one person at a time and approx. 20 minutes long. You will be asked to wear a blindfold for a short section (approx. 5 mins). You will be looked after and your care is always at the core of the experience.

Sharron Devine trained classically as an Actress at East 15 Acting School in London and now works as an independent Artist with 25 year’s experience working at the intersections of all art forms and disciplines.

She originally trained in Human Specific practice in Scotland and Denmark, with Danish site/ human specific pioneers, Cantabile 2. Sharron is based in Scotland, has been working internationally for 11 years, is socially engaged with her practice and works within communities locally and nationally.

She specialises in creating intimate site specific/site responsive works for micro audiences and audiences of one.

Her works are informed by her ten years of research into immersive and sensory led practices and always in conversation with her audience; responding to what it means to be human.

In 2017, after more than 20 years away, Sharron restored and co-founded with her husband; Studio Space Art, an independent, 140-year-old Arts House in her home town of Dundee, on the East Coast of Scotland by the River Tay.

Performances: 20th – 23rd October. Times vary. Tickets £10 full price/£8 concessions plus we can support audience members who may wish to pay what they can afford – if required. All booking info at this link

For any questions please email