Writer and Artist Development

Narrative is a key component of everything that we do, and supporting writers and artists at all levels is a fundamental part of our work. We offer Writing Gyms and bespoke mentoring through our @38 Development Programme, nurturing and supporting graduate, amateur, new and mid-career writers and artists.

@38 Development Programme

Supported by the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation, the @38 Development Programme, includes writing workshops (Writing Gyms), bespoke dramaturgy, mentor support (DIY project planning and fundraising support) plus our unique Theatre Labs.

Our @38 mentoring programme has been running since 2014. Held in the Shop Front Theatre, this affordable programme offers one to one bespoke mentoring to emerging, graduate, amateur and mid-career artists.

Writing Gyms

The writing workshops have been a regular aspect of Theatre Absolute’s activity at the Shop Front Theatre for the last 10 years. They are accessed by those who already write, or by others who want to begin to write their stories.

Theatre Lab

Our Theatre Lab is for writers, artists, musicians and performers who currently explore text and narrative in their practice, or are perhaps thinking about using text and narrative in their practice.

Artists are given the keys to the Shop Front Theatre, with full use of all equipment and invited to spend creative time there. At Theatre Absolute we are interested in process, as well as end product, so artists are encouraged to take the time to think, and maybe make, and maybe do. We ask only that the time is documented, to be shared for others to learn about your experiences.


DIY Projects

Mentored by the company’s award winning producer Julia Negus, sessions are tailored to individual project needs. Sessions include project planning, networking support as well as producer input on creating budgets and guidance on fundraising. These sessions are for theatre makers and artists wanting to create and realise their own live projects.

City Voices

City Voices is a grassroots writing project that City of Culture Trust commissioned Theatre Absolute to design and run in 2019. Since then, we have established six writing groups for writers of all ages and abilities, which offer the participants the chance to work with professional writers (who lead the groups), created nearly 40 micro-commission opportunities and completed an online weekly writing group.

For more information about our Writer and Artist Development programmes contact lisa@theatreabsolute.co.uk

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